Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Thoughts: Expected to be Expecting

Without fail anyone who has ventured a guess at what my exciting news could be has guessed pregnancy. Usually, a woman of my age and relationship status, who has scrapped future wedding plans for an expedited City Hall wedding, is knocked up expecting.  So I can’t say I’m surprised to be expected to be expecting. But I will say I’m relieved that I can proudly answer, “No” to the supposition.  Anyone who knows me personally knows how eager I am to become a mother—but only under the right circumstances. And for me, those circumstances include marriage first, babies after.  Right after! Well, that was the plan anyways. But now that we’re moving across the world, away from everything and everyone we know, maybe right after will have to wait.


La Professionnelle said...

Good thing you're making this decision early so that you can prepare before heading out because I imagine it could be harder to get contraceptives while you are away from home. --Maybe you can start a running things to pack list on your blog :) And a countdown ticker of your days left!

arosenbklyn said...

The decision to wait probably creates more questions than answers (i.e. when, where, etc.) but the availability of contraceptives is definitely something to consider.
As far as a things to pack list ...uhh if only I were that organized. The Mister and I are actually still constructing such a list (mainly in our heads) and it grows daily!
And as for a countdown, I think that would drive me crazy. I'm not really a watch-the-clock type of person because I'm really impatient. But I do see how a count down may be more informative and maybe even a fun addition for my readers. I'll consider it. :)
Thanks for commenting.