Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bells will ring... the sun will shine

Everything is happening so fast that it still feels unreal to me. Sometimes, just to make it more real, I say to myself, “You’re going to Africa!” and it starts to settle in a little more. But if that doesn’t make it real enough to me, you know what does? The ton of things I need to get done before departing. Thankfully, I can cross two of those things off of my list. 

I’m not one of those women who have been dreaming of a princess wedding since childhood. But I must admit that shortly after the proposal I was pleasantly haunted by visions of the perfect wedding dress. It didn’t exist anywhere but in my head, and I was willing to do whatever it took to have my seamstress-sister bring it to fruition. So never in a million years would I have thought that I would walk into a store on my lunch break and walk out with my wedding dress. But that’s just what happened. Well it’s not a wedding dress in the traditional sense (i.e. white, poofy, sickening), but it is lacy. Maybe I’ll post some pics after the occasion.

What are your thoughts on keeping with tradition? Is it important or stifling? What untraditional aspects have you or would you incorporate in your wedding?

With my dress taken care of, it was time to move onto the second most important task at hand: plane tickets! After checking out some online ticket prices, we decided to kick it old school and go through a travel agent. I thought travel agents were obsolete—boy was I wrong. They’re amazing. Although it took a little longer (about an hour) to finalize everything, we were able to work with an actual person to tailor our itinerary to fit our needs and get our tickets cheaper than the prices offered online. Long story short: travel agents rock!

Do you prefer travel agencies or online booking? Are travel agencies obsolete?


La Professionnelle said...

I have never used a travel agent (figuring that arming myself with google is enough) but I guess a travel agent would do a better job. I just figured that the cost for the service may negate savings.

Did your travel agent actually have a brick & mortar?

arosenbklyn said...

I agree, I always thought the fees would pretty much even out travel agent vs online booking. But not in this case.

I plan to book a domestic flight soon and will give the travel agency a try in making the arrangements. Maybe that'll be the true test.

Yes, they do have a store front, but I dealt with them via telephone.

Thanks for commenting.

ThatsWhatChiSaid said...

How exciting and scary and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you nothing but the best on this adventure and you BETTER post some kind of pics (I know you're trying to keep a sense of anonymity on this blog). I can't wait to read how things all pan out. <3

To answer your questions, I don't want a traditional wedding, because I don't know whose tradition I'm carrying on O_O! I want MY wedding (well me and my partner) to be what WE decide to make it. I'm not sure I'll have many aspects other than exchanging of vows.

If it's an elaborate trip, especially to somewhere international, I'd prefer an agency. If I'm staying in the US and just trying to chill, I book online.

IngeB said...

I say weddings should fit the personality. If you're into tradition, follow it. If not, let the ceremony/reception reflect the individuals getting married. I don't think there's anything wrong w/keeping traditions per se, but I'm definitely not married to them.

When my time comes, I'll probably fall somewhere in between. I love ceremonies that are personalized, even slightly. They just feel more intimate.

arosenbklyn said...

@TWCS- I love your name... I get it.
re pics:
I hope to get some artistically cropped pics that I can post.

re tradition:
Great comments. You've inspired me to do a post on the topic. Hopefully it will be up this week.