Monday, October 31, 2011

Done Done & Done

Whew, I’m back. I apologize for not writing in a while, but I’ve been busy accomplishing all the things I will tell you about in this post. 

First up was my trip to the DMV. Typical of a true New Yorker, I neither drive nor am I licensed to do so. I had a learner’s permit once, but it expired. Since then my only form of ID has been my passport. In order to travel to Ghana we need to apply for a visa. As a part of the process I had to submit my passport with the application. So that left me ID-less—hence my trip to the DMV. I had to get a non-driver’s ID card. Unlike my trip to Borough Hall, the DMV was quite uneventful. In true city agency style, there were way more windows than workers. But the genius in the DMV waiting system is its use of alpha-numeric call numbers that keeps you in the dark as to just how many people are in front of you.

DMV Call number LED board

 There’s no apparent order to which letter group is called next, so you’re basically forced to sit and wait. It really wasn’t too long of an ordeal from start to finish and $14 later I have an ID that’s good for 8 years—even if I am looking down in the picture

So if you’re keeping track, that’s DMV and visas—check. 

Last weekend was our last Oxford class in which as a final evaluation we taught a practicum. There’s really no way to fail, but I did well, received a great evaluation, and was even ranked in the top 25% of the class. So I currently hold a 60 hour certification and am technically certified to teach ESL, however, there is a 40 hour online grammar portion to complete that will grant me a 100 hour certification. I’ll be completing the extended certification over the next few weeks, but as far as I’m concerned: Oxford certification—check. 

I am most excited to report that Friday was my last day of work… Check! Having finished the project that I was working on Thursday, I spent the entire work day Friday reading expat blogs of their Ghanaian adventures. This is when the true excitement hit me. I realized that having officially finished work, everything that I do from here on out will be in preparation for my trip abroad. It also hit me that I have 3 weeks to pack

The Mister and I are spending Thanksgiving with his family in the Midwest. That is also where we will store our belongings that we aren’t taking with us to Ghana. So, do the math, even though we’re not leaving for Ghana until the end of December, we have to have our entire apartment packed up and vacated by Thanksgiving. Friday may have been my last day of work, but really the work has just begun!


La Professionnelle said...

A DMV post on Halloween? Scary, indeed!

The DMV board made me think of a countdown for the days until you leave. Maybe something like

Anyway, your blog is the most well written blog I have seen so I bet you'll do well on the grammar portion.

3 weeks to pack? :) The adventure begins!

arosenbklyn said...

Thanks for the widget, I'll give it a try. I've actually been looking for widget (at your suggestion in a previous post) but I'm not too web savvy when it comes to html coding.

Thank you for the compliment and support. I hope to stay interesting in addition to well written. :)

3 weeks! Yes, I may have to sucker some friends in to joining me for a packing party. LOL

arosenbklyn said...

OK- I finally figured out how to work the widget countdowns. I got this one from
It allows for more flexibility with design than the site you suggested. Thank you for the suggestion tho. Hope you can sleep easy now that there's a count down. LOL :)

La Professionnelle said...

I love your choice of countdown ticker!! Fun for me but maybe scary for you ;-)